From a Piece to a Puzzle

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July 4, 2019
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From a Piece to a Puzzle

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“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley 

In 2018 alone, there were 40,000 young people in Canada who needed a home. While it can be assumed that most individuals would see this as a crisis in need of fixing, it is also safe to assume that most would feel helpless and overwhelmed at the idea of working towards a solution for the problem. After all, where do you even begin?

The answer is simple: together. 

It is true that youth living without a home is a large problem, perhaps even one too large for any individual to solve on their own. That, however, is the importance of community. No single person can be expected to house 40,000 youth. But, if we — the 37 million individuals that make up Canada — come together with the same vision, we can make this dream a reality. This is why we need each of you to partner with us in the fight for all youth to have a place to call home and for opportunities to thrive. If we all play our part in this fight to provide each young person with a home, we can make our community a much better place. For some, this may mean the giving of a financial donation (see the tab labeled “Donate”). For others, this could be volunteering with one of Argus’ many change-making programs.  It could even be something as simple as spreading the word about our services to those around you. No matter how small the action may seem, it is important to remember that you are one piece in a large puzzle; the puzzle of change cannot be complete without each of our pieces.  

Each piece of a puzzle is placed with the same vision in mind: to complete an image that the creator is passionate about creating.  If we as a community all place our pieces with the same vision in mind, we too can complete our final goal of creating safe housing options for every young person.  As said by Margaret J. Wheatley, a unified vision will allow our individual actions to work together to create a powerful change – one powerful enough to allow each young person in our community to thrive.  

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