Uptown Thrift: The What’s and Why’s

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June 1, 2019
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July 4, 2019
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Uptown Thrift: The What’s and Why’s

Located in Preston’s Towne Centre, Uptown Thrift has been serving its community for over five years. The store offers a variety of items, such as clothing, furniture, and household items, and sells them at extremely affordable prices. The products are provided to the thrift store through daily donations, which means two things: there is always new merchandise to discover, and there are no limits on what items you could find. The store certainly proves true the old saying “One man’s junk, another man’s treasure”; Uptown Thrift holds something for everyone!

The ability to offer such a unique collection of items at such low costs is certainly an aspect of Uptown Thrift that Argus is proud of, as it is a way to give back to the community in which we are a part of. Argus also takes pride in the fact that the store helps to preserve the environment; by giving used items a second life, Uptown Thrift is able to keep thousands of articles from the landfill each year.

Our main “why” for running Uptown Thrift, however, is its commitment to helping youth in the KW Region. The thrift store is self-sustaining, which allows 100% of proceeds to go towards creating youth employment. Youth are hired to work at the store, which not only allows them to gain an income, but also valuable work skills that will help them to become employable in the future. Uptown Thrift provides the opportunity for constant customer interaction, which gives the youth workers the ability to develop strong communication skills. Further, because multiple youth are working together at one time, workers develop a strong understanding of effective teamwork and problem solving skills. These are some of the most highly valued skills in today’s job market, meaning that Uptown Thrift gives its 16-24 year-old employees the opportunity to develop these skills through first-hand experience.

Over the five years that Uptown Thrift has been running, it has been able to hire approximately 60 youth. We believe that investing in the lives of our youth today will set them up for success tomorrow.

We welcome you to join our cause to support our youth. Come experience first-hand what we do by visiting Uptown Thrift during our store hours, or support our store by donating your used and unused possessions.

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