Ways to Donate

Help us end youth homelessness…one youth at a time!

Monetary Donations

Transformational change – that is what your gift to Argus achieves!


Legacy Gifts

Leaving a gift in your will helps a young person find a place to call home and provides them with opportunities to thrive. It is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Gifts in Memory or In Honour

Do you have everything you need? Celebrate a birthday, Christmas or anniversary by giving the gift to end youth homelessness.

Gifts in memory of a loved one will help change lives and make our world, a better place!

Have a Fundraiser!

There are so many ways to raise money! Whether you are a one person show, a family or a team at work or school, fundraisers can be fun and they make a difference. Here are some ideas:

  • Co-ordinate a Walk

  • Garage Sale

  • Car Wash

  • Online Auction

Save the Environment! - Create Youth Employment - Donate to Uptown Thrift

Uptown Thrift is always in need of good quality clothing, houseware items, décor items and furniture! We pick up good quality furniture from your front porch or garage!

We would love to see you shop at Uptown Thrift. We are dedicated to bringing the community quality items at bargain prices and offering friendly customer service in an upbeat, funky thrift store environment!

100% of sale proceeds are used to create youth employment!

25 Jobs for Youth Created in 2016!


According to Statistics Canada, over 13.3 million Canadians volunteered their time to support a local charity. “Volunteer work is important, not only for the volunteer, but for Canadian society as a whole."

“If you have an area of interest, Argus likely has a volunteer position for you!”
  • Board of Directors

  • Resident Life-Skills & Crafts

  • Peer Support

  • Emergency Shelter Support

  • Fundraising

  • Administration/Reception

  • Building/Lawn Maintenance

  • Cooking

Academic Placements

Argus offers unpaid academic placements. We have worked with colleges throughout Ontario and local universities.

For information on academic placements, please contact Cheryl at (519) 650-0452 or email at argusadmin@execulink.com

Peer Support & Mentoring

Peer mentoring is a special form of mentorship. It involves a person who has lived through a specific experience (homelessness, mental health, employment barriers, coming out, poverty) and a person who is new to that experience.

If you are interested in becoming a peer mentor in our emergency shelter or one of our employment programs, please contact Eva at (519) 623-7991.


Are you a landlord? Perhaps you’re a caring adult who is considering renting a room in your home?

If so, our Rapid Re-Housing workers would love to speak with you! Our Rapid Re-housing program does not match tenants to landlords, but we will facilitate an introduction and provide light after-care support.

For more information, please call Rachel at (519) 650-0452 or Erika at (519) 623-7991.

Be Informed

There are many myths associated with youth homelessness and there are areas where research and evaluation can help us develop more effective, cost-efficient, evidence-base approaches.