About Argus

At Argus, we offer 24/7 homelesness prevention and shelter diversion services to youth in crisis anywhere within the Waterloo Region. In addition to our food, shelter and constant staff support, we also offer a voluntary life-skills acquisition program whose main goal is to mobilize young people experiencing homelessness towards a healthy and viable re-integration into their community.

Administrative Contact

(519) 650-0452

1 (877) 818-0388

FirstConnect Exploring Housing Options and Community Connections

24/7 Support for People Experiencing or At Risk of Homelessness Through FirstConnect

Our Goal is to End or Prevent a Person from Becoming Homeless within 6 Hours of Their Call to Us or Help Explore Safe Accommodation and Resources.

At Argus, our goal with homelessness prevention and shelter diversion, is to end or prevent a person from becoming homeless within 6 hours of their call to us. If we can’t prevent their homeless experience, we will help them explore safe, temporary accommodation and provide them with the resources to support permanent housing.

If you are in need of emergency shelter and would like to discuss your options, please call the FirstConnect line at (519) 624-9133. We are available 24/7 for all youth and adults 18 and over.

The Argus Approach

A Strength-Based Approach to Prevent or End Youth Homelessness

When someone calls for emergency shelter in Waterloo Region, our first step is to work with them to prevent or end their homelessness experience. Research shows the longer a person experiences homelessness the greater the consequences to their health, opportunities and future.

At Argus, we use a strength-based approach to preventing or ending youth homelessness. We do this by: