About Argus

At Argus, we offer 24/7 homelesness prevention and shelter diversion services to youth in crisis anywhere within the Waterloo Region. In addition to our food, shelter and constant staff support, we also offer a voluntary life-skills acquisition program whose main goal is to mobilize young people experiencing homelessness towards a healthy and viable re-integration into their community.

Administrative Contact

(519) 650-0452

1 (877) 818-0388

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Aberfoyle Mill

Current bid: $95.00

Acylic on Panel

Current bid: $50.00

Acyliic on Canvas

Starting bid: $85.00

Acyliic on Panel

Current bid: $155.00

Acyrlic on Panel

Starting bid: $50.00

Alexanian Carpet

Current bid: $50.00

Andy’s Pizza

Current bid: $15.00

Animal Hospital Basket

Current bid: $25.00